Shri Adaptive Project VIDEO - 2013 Yogathon Video

Yogathon coming up April 12th, 2014

Stop by Shri Studio between 12:30pm-2:00pm on April 12th to learn more about the yoga outreach projects.  Each year the yogathon features a video highlighting the wonderful work that Shri Service Corps provides to so many communities.

11th Annual Sherlock Show

VSA  arts  Rhode  Island



March 2014
The Atrium Gallery
1 Capitol Hill – Providence

Monday – Friday 8 am – 5pm

come join us at the


Featuring 100 pieces of artwork created by VSA arts RI’s statewide participating artists, this exhibit honors Paul Sherlock, a man who has had a significant impact on the community of people with disabilities throughout RI, and celebrates his accomplishments by spotlighting the artistic talents of adult RI artists with a wide range of physical, cognitive and mental health disabilities.

During Paul Sherlock’s career as teacher, legislator and Director of Special Education his commitment as an advocate for people with disabilities transformed Rhode Island into becoming a place where exhibits such as this - and the unseen work that takes place to assist the artist’s creative process - are possible.

The artworks on display demonstrate a breadth of style and images - art that is as varied in method and expression as the life experiences of the individual artists; artworks demonstrating a rich and diverse backdrop for appreciating that it is not preconceived notions of what "disability" is that defines these artists but their passion for creating art.

The Sherlock Show is made possible with generous support from the RI State Council on the Arts, RI Department of BHDDH, Division of Developmental Disabilities and Nordson EFD Corporation Foundation.

Thank you friends! 

 VSA arts of Rhode Island is a statewide, nonprofit, arts & education organization dedicated to providing opportunities for people with disabilities to actively participate in the arts. For more information call VSA arts RI at 725-0247 or visit our web site at

For directions to the gallery go to: 

Thoughts on weaving with Damon Mahan

 "Working with people's special orders - you pick out fabric to match what they want. You design the rug. I start with colored media and put them next to each other. I draw colors next to each other on paper. From that, I pick the one I like together. Then I choose fabric from the shelf to match the colors. I cut the fabric into strips and make a pattern. I sew them together in a pattern that I chose. Then I weave to make it into a rug."
 "Weaving makes me happy. It relaxes me. I am proud of the work I do. It is exciting to see the rug form from nothing to a rug. I am happy showing people how I weave."

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