Feb 3, 2010

Outsider Art Fair

Congratulations to the following Flying Shuttles' Artists who will be on exhibit at the Outsider Art Fair:  Andy L., Mary H., Brenda W., Robert D., Susan O., Carol P. , Jen B., Madeline M., Jaclyn P., Alfred S., Jeannette F.,  and Donna S.

Margaret Bodell's booth # 30

From the press release at Sanford L. Smith:
Last year, enthusiasm for the unique Outsider Art Fair prevailed over the turn in the economy, a snowstorm, a change in dates, and a move to a new venue. “At every turn this fair has a new clarity,” wrote Roberta Smith of The New York Times, “the art rises to the occasion…” This February 5 – 7, 2010, thirty-eight dealers will gather again at the fair’s new home, 7West 34th Street, to bring together the largest and most promising Outsider Art Fair yet.  The fair brings international attention to art created outside of mainstream society—visionary, primitive, self-taught and intuitive in nature. Besides exhibiting “a kind of outsider art Hall of   Fame,” The New York Times also notes, “the fair harbors new talents of all kinds.”