Sep 19, 2012

tiny exhibit extended

 Flying Shuttles' artists: Susan Valentine, Mary Hird, and Jennifer Buckley are on exhibit at Spindleworks in the tiny exhibit until September 30th.
Fine work in a small format!

What: (tiny)
Where: Whatnot Gallery, Spindleworks
7 Lincoln Street, Brunswick
When: August 3-31st, 2012
ArtWalk Reception: 5-8pm, August 10th
While the artists of Spindleworks are accepted and celebrated members of the artistic community in Brunswick, they are also part of a larger “population” that is still more often judged or dismissed. With this in mind Spindleworks has turned the tables this month to put the Spindleworks artists in the driver’s seat. 23 Spindleworks artists gathered around a computer last week to view and vote on artwork submitted by community members for the upcoming August exhibit, “tiny”. While the works were small (no more than 3”x3”x3”), they were given close consideration by the jurors who took their role very seriously. Submitted works ranged from painting and encaustic to sculpture and fiber. The diverse selection will open for view starting August 3rd, with a reception August 10th during the Second Friday ArtWalk. The show runs through August.